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LUX Photogallery: De Roxy Jaren

Amsterdam, 18 juni 2009. Opening van de foto-expositie "De RoXY Jaren" met foto's van Cleo Campert. If you never went to the Roxy, well you did miss something. It was a huge space (a former cinema) and Peter Giele, an artist, with a predilection for fetish and the bizarre was its founder and inspiration. He died suddenly and the day of his funeral the wake was scheduled to take place at the club. His own art work centered around the pyrotechnic. An example of one of his "composition" was the center of attraction that day but the flames soared into the air conditioning ducts and the result was the total incineration of the building. That was the 21th of June 1999. I watched it burn; and ironic conclusion to both the man and his creation. Opening speech by Erwin Olaf. Een impressie.
Photos: Jan Blankestein
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