Let’s play until we break something

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Amsterdam, 13 oktober 2007. ‘Let’s play until we break something’ is the title of the group-exhibition hosted by Studio Apart till 9 December 2007. Plusminus Produkties selected a few leading Pop-art artists from the Netherlands as well as from abroad for a unique, combined show. Work by Ben Frost, Ron English, Mats!?, Luuk Bode, Pieter van Schelt and Plusminus Produkties themselves make this exhibition into a fresh and exciting experience of imagery. I saw the designer Daryl van Wouw, the artist Dimitri, Mo & Bert, the baroness, Jan, Hans-Peter, Ralf, Rob, Daniel, Maarten, Anita, Tony, Evertjan, James, Piet, Maartje & Johan, the artist Fabrice and Josje, Marlijn, Paul en Johan and off course Olivier, the host. An impression.
Photos: Jan Blankestein
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