Serieuze Zaken: Lou Reed

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Amsterdam, 10 oktober 2007. Serieuze Zaken Studioos. Opening van de expositie 'Lou Reed's New York,' 'De kunstenaar is aanwezig en zal uitsluitend gedurende de opening het boek 'Lou Reed's New York signeren.' What does that mean? Perhaps we have a chance to 'Walk on the Wild Side' with the Man himself. 'Lou Reed Live' is an older album. It is anxious to hear his live version of 'Walk.' Boy, did I get a surprise! It is a parody of the original; the lyrics begin like this, 'I hate this fucking song...' in melody, of course, to the original. Hey, guy, I like it! Isn't that what counts? Onder de aanwezigen: Herman Heinsbroek, Cees Dam, Henk Hendriks, Trudy Derksen en Gijs van Tuyl. Een impressie.
Photos: Jan Blankestein
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