Inside the secret things

Amsterdam, 14 oktober 2006. Opening: Inside the secret things in Studio Apart, Prinsengracht 715. Werk van de Italiaanse kunstenaar Paolo Consorti. Figures in white and red space suits appear consistently throughout as if straight out of Woody Allen's film “What you ever wanted to know about Sex”. At first they seem to be supernumeraries in an S & M film , but at second glance one realizes that these suits seem more like a protective skin. They might be clones at the end of a particular era, presenting for example what may threaten the individual. Sexuality in this hurly burly world seems to be the last meaningful act of society. Alien landscapes, rotting fragments of technology, and cloned people are intermingled within a scene that Breughel foresaw, but Consorti solidified. Een impressie van de opening.
Photos: Jan Blankestein
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