ABC Treehouse: We-Brasil

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Amsterdam, the 7th of August 2005. Opening from the exhibition We-Brasil in the ABC-Treehouse Gallery. We-Brasil presents art from 11 Brazilian contemporary artists. Opening words by Prof. Dr. Geert Banck. In the past few years the exchange of culture and information has been more widespread and commonplace than ever, and it has brought people closer to each other than ever. The idea behind this project is creating a forum based in Amsterdam to present the diversity of Brazilian art in a wide-ranging exhibition. Érica Cazé, - João Colagem, - Chico Colombo, - Lilian von Dobschütz, - Sérgio Godoy, - Jon Guerreiro, - Neyde Lantyer, - Lego Lima, - Betânia Muller, - Luiz Ortiz, - Sergio Ulhõa,
Photos: Jan Blankestein
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