The Young International Photographers

Amsterdam, 1st August 2004. ABC Treehouse Gallery: Opening: Young International Photographers. The exhibition brings 18 international young photographers from Bulgaria, Chile, France, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, South Africa and the UK. Artists were chosen by their ability to work within a conceptual content or express them self by abstract language. Opening by Hans - Peter Schoonenberg, MA, Managing director of the international photography biennal Amsterdam Photo 2004 (25-9 till 7th november). Artists: Sander Bakker, Inga Cholmogorova, Danielle Cornelissen, Patrick van Ginkel, Sébastien Goy, Chaja Hertog, Brian Hill, Assen Ivanov, Svetlana Jovanovic, Jan Mark de Kock Marasovic, Jeroen Keerweer, Maya Moor, Lucas Pajak, Alberto Petrò, Lotte Stekelenburg, Femke Teussink, Valeria Zalaquette and Al Braithwaite.
Photos: Jan Blankestein
© 2004 Stichting Amsterdam Photo Art
Reproduction of copying from these pictures only with written permission from the photographer