'Through the eyes of the tango'

Amsterdam, the 4th of July 2004. ABC Treehouse Gallery: paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, photos and objects by Anita Brus, Anton Martineau, Arie Klok, Carla Baarspul, Eleonora Stol, Gorki Bolar, Henri Plaat, Jan Holleman, Jan Willem van Wamel, Juan Carlos Tajes, Lalo Diaz, Marianne van Berlo, Marjolein Thijsijna Akkerman, Merle Carvalho, Patty van Hoften, Pim Stallman, Rob Nuijten, Theo Jeuken en Yvonne Schmidt. Dance: Arjan Sikking and Marianne van Berlo.
Photos: Jan Blankestein
© 2004 Stichting Amsterdam Photo Art
Reproduction of copying from these pictures only with written permission from the photographer