Club eXtremiX-4 in 'de IT'

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Amsterdam, the 6th of March 2004. Club Extremix is a straight fetish party, hetero - homosexual - bisexual. The music will be the best selected club/trance music from 1996 till now, you will hear all the good club/trancemusic that after many years is still the best. This in combination with the newest house music guarantees a night in an excellent atmosphere. Be sure you have the correct dresscode, last time about 50 visitors did not match the dresscode and were refused entrance. Sorry we don't accept entrance with normal T-shirts. This evening one of Europe's biggest fetish steel company's, EROSTEEL will turn the IT club into one big fetish, play, chat & dance palace. Cages, bondage gear, and a fully equiped play area, a love labyrinth and more. Next party:
Photos: Jan Blankestein
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