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Amsterdam, the 6th of November 2003. Foam, Photography Museum Amsterdam. All 12 students from the Joop Swart Masterclass 2003 have made a photo essay on the theme Enough, a World Press Photo project. The word alone evokes the drive of many a young photojournalist. It bestows a power on photography that is the subject of an endless stream of articles and seminars. On the rare occasions that photography has raised its voice, this is the word that we have haerd, in Vietnam, Bophal, Rwanda .... Lynsey Addario (29), Sibylle Fenst (29), Ilse Frech (31), Peter Funch (29), Alexandre Gronski (23), Vera Hartmann (27), Martin Kollár (32), Gillian Laub (28), Tomás Munita Philippi (28), Erik Refner (32), Simon Roberts (29) and Julian Röder (22).
Photos: Jan Blankestein
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