Buitenexpositie Kunsthal Rotterdam: Home/Life

Rotterdam, the 29th of January 2003. In the Kunsthal the exhibition of the outdoor-exposition Home/Life.
In eleven cities around the world 121 kids were given cameras to capture their world on film and document their daily lives. This book presents the photographs of kids living in the trenches of the modern and, at times, ruthless world. These children often come from dysfunctional families-children such as Lena, who begs for money in a Moscow train station to take care of her younger brother. Lena's mother taught her the only phrase she knows in English: "Have money?" Ildikó is another such child, who fights to survive in the gypsy ghetto of Budapest. And then there is Raju, who dreams of becoming an artist because, he says, "Think of all the attention I'll get!"
Photos: Jan Blankestein
© 2003 Stichting Amsterdam Photo Art
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